Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Few Tips for Those Who Clip

So I recently got my hair cut, at a place that will remain nameless, but I am noticing a trend. I think that a few girls will understand where I am coming from. So these are a few tips that I want to share with people that cut, style, or mess with hair. So here we go.
  • Do not ask me if I want any of the specials. Most of the time, I am too nice to turn you down, or I don't understand what it is that you are offering me, and I definitely do not expect it to be $20 more. And really, if it doesn't do anything, please do not offer it to me. That just bugs me.
  • Do not talk to other hair stylists in a different language. Just because I don't understand you does not mean that I don't know you are talking about how dead my hair is or how dirty it was when it came in, or any other insecurity I might be having that day. This goes for when you guys whisper as well. Please share this with the people that so my toes as well. Thanks.
  • If I suggest a haircut that is going to make me look hideous, please do not do it. You are an expert on hair, and I sometimes pick things on a whim, so if it is not good...tell me. I will respect your decision and more than likely follow it. You are not forcing your opinion on me, you are saving me from certain embarrassment.
  • When I ask your opinion, do not say whatever I want. I asked your opinion for a reason. You, again, are supposed to be an expert. I asked you because I value your opinion, and obviously I do not know what will work. Please give me advise.
  • When I tell you what I want you to do with my hair, and then you recite it back to me. Please get it right. If I say, "Cut it short." and you say, "So you want it short?" and I reply, "Yes.". Please...cut it short! I do not understand why that is difficult, or confusing. I know that sometimes there are mistakes, but happening more than once is a little crazy. If you didn't know what I meant, then tell me. Ask me questions, get an idea, something. Don't just assume, and don't pretend to know.

These are just some of my ramblings. I am sure there are many more. I usually give you second, third, or even fourth chances, so I will be back. And I would really like you to get it right. Thank you.


Dain said...

I never knew you had such insight into hair :)

Anonymous said...

word... they never do it right...