Monday, July 28, 2008


May I always remember how great the love of my Savior is toward me. If I could keep this in the forefront of my mind, I think my life would really be worth something.

"See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands" Isaiah 49:16a

Thursday, July 24, 2008

An Update

I just wanted to let you all know how the Lord has been working lately.

My car got broken into, another thing I tend to put before Him. It is His now. Along with everything they took.

But as for the other things,

All of this is for His Glory.

In one way or another, for some reason, this has all happened so that He will be Glorified.

I am in the process of learning that. He is always willing to teach me.

If it Glorifies You, Jesus bring the rain.

Monday, July 14, 2008

One Last Thing

So I am not sure how many of you know all that has been transpiring in the last few weeks. I won't fill in all the details, that usually ends up being too long of a story, but I would like to share all that God has shown me through this, and how He has shown me that this might just be a continual process.

God will break down idols in your life. In different ways, in different situations, God will break them down. He will not stand for it. You ask Him to make a change, ask Him to do something great with your life, know that He will. But the idols must come down first. I do not mean to say that it will be God that physically does it, there is a great amount of effort that we must put out, but He will do it.

A few areas He has done this for me:

Family- I must remember that God is the one that directs my families path, not me. it is His work, not mine.

Friends- The Lord gives and takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

School- No matter how much I don't like it, it can still become an idol.

Work- When I start taking things for granted, He shows that He is able to take it all away.

Financially- To whom much is given, much is required. I need to not let my dependence be on monetary things.

And finally, last night, relationships. This one I will kept to myself for a while. But God has shown me great things through a person and experience, I wouldn't change for the world.

I know all of this might be a little scattered. But it is all so true. Each of these things could be expanded 10 fold. But there is simply not time.

Moral of the story...God is God. When things get put out of place, everything gets all messed up.

I pray that you all are blessed. Please pray for me, even though this is where I need to be, my emotions will try to creep up every once in a while. But God is greater than all.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Cried Out to God and He Heard Me and Answered My Prayer

I cried out to God with my voice-To God with my voice;
And He gave ear to me.
In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord;
My hand was stretched out in the night without ceasing;
My soul refused to be comforted.
I remembered God, and was troubled;
I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed.
You hold my eyelids open;
I am so troubled that I cannot speak.
I have considered the days of old,
The years of ancient times.
I call to remembrance my song in the night;
I meditate within my heart,
And my spirit makes diligent search.
Will the Lord cast off forever?
And will He be favorable no more?
Has His mercy ceased forever?
Has His promise failed forevermore?
Has God forgotten to be gracious?
Has He in anger shut up His tender mercies?
And I said, “This is my anguish;
But I will remember the years of the right hand of the Most High.”
I will remember the works of the LORD;
Surely I will remember Your wonders of old.
I will also meditate on all Your work,
And talk of Your deeds.
Your way, O God, is in the sanctuary;
Who is so great a God as our God?
You are the God who does wonders;
You have declared Your strength among the peoples.
You have with Your arm redeemed Your people,
The sons of Jacob and Joseph.

Psalm 77:1-15

I read this last night, and although I don't fully understand, I know that the Lord has heard my prayers. In His time, in His way, He will answer it. Oh what a Loving God we serve.