Monday, April 21, 2008

Isaiah 6:1

So with everything going on lately, the one conclusion I have come to is that God is still on His throne. And more than that, He has always been there.

Blessings have bee poured out on me lately, not because of anything in particular, but for the simple reason that I now see that everything that happens has God's workmanship all over it.

Take last night for example, one of the best times of fellowships Alyssa and I have had in a LONG time. And you know why? God has continued to take us through the same situations at the same time. I think that He does this so that at the end of it we can both sit together and love our Savior. Pretty sweet idea.

Okay, so moving on to church. I think I need to find a home. Since I left Harvest, I have never really felt a sense of being where I belonged. This poses a problem in that I know that God has called me out of Harvest. For the past few months I feel as if I have been swaying back and forth trying to find a place I belong. I know that I need to be in fellowship, and there has been proof that I do not survive long outside of fellowship, worship, and teaching. And Norco has been great. They have been loving and exhorting. My only problem...I don't make friends well. I have people there that I love and care about, Dain and Anthony, in particular, and they have been great as far as trying their best to help me feel at ease. But I am able to go and sit by myself and leave. I do not feel like I have connected with anyone that I didn't know from Harvest. This is my fault. I do not step outside of my comfort zone much. And the idea of walking up and talking to people that I do not know, frankly freaks me out. So I feel...stuck I guess.

The whole point of all of this is to ask for you guys to pray for me. Pray that I will find somewhere that feels like home. And if Norco is that place for me, pray that the Lord will bring me out of my comfort zone and work in my heart.

God is too good to keep silent about. He truly is too good.

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JenLyn said...

Praying for you Sweetie