Thursday, April 3, 2008


I have been thinking a lot about friendhsip lately. The way that things change the way that friendships have the ability to be molded into something completly differnt than they ever started out being. There may only be a few that I choose to invest a significant amount of time in, but there are many that I hold dear to my heart. Many of these friendships can go a few weeks or months without significant interaction, but when we do get the opportunity to reunite, it is as if only a few days had gone by. I do cherish these friendships.

I often feel like in order to invest time in people I am not used to seeing, it takes a gret deal of effort, a great amount of planning, and a whole lot of energy that I don't have. But I am often reminded that when I do these things that I am more blessed than I can even imagine.

There are things that will change in life, nothing ever stays the same. But I have found that I will have friends that will be with me until the day that we die. And I only hope that you are able to find the same.

Friends truly are a blessing from God, if you will allow them to be...

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